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Brewing for Christmas!!🍻
So as you may have seen, there are now 3 beers in the range, available from The Vineyard…
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New Release: Garden Grove West Coast IPA
Garden Grove West Coast IPA will be launched at Northern lights this weekend.…
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New Upcoming Releases and Oktoberfest Festbier
Coming up we have a Collaboration brew day with Northern Lights to celebrate their 5th…
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Deliveries out the door! 🍺
I delivered kegs of Homesick Tropical Pale Ale to the Northern Lights and the Errigle and…
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We Are Brewing!
We are pleased to announce that we are now finally brewing on a meaningful scale and…
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New Release: Monk's Beer
Belgian beers are often associated with high ABV and strong flavour however this isn’t…
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New Release: Homesick
Made with wheat malt and Australian hops, a light refreshing all-day drinker. Light…
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New Release: Symphony
Vienna has provided us with Mozart’s, Beethoven, and a special lightly kilned malt known…
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