Truly nano scale and striving for perfection. Respecting tradition but happy to experiment.

Founded on a 25 year history of travel, beer culture, sampling and home brewing, Ormeau Brewing Co. is Belfast’s newest brewery and at the service of the great local community.

Our beer is best enjoyed served with friends.

All our beer is made using 100% energy from renewable sources.
Inspired by experiences gained from Australia to Europe now brewing to serve local customers the best and freshest beers possible.

To find our more about how an Australian came to be brewing in belfast click here.

People will always drink beer but we want to reduce the impact this may have on our planet. Our model is based on supplying a product made from locally sourced ingredients, distributed in the most efficient way, to customers in the immediate locality to the brewery. To be honest we are so small it’s the only way that makes sense. Additionally, all our beer is made using 100% energy from renewable sources.
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Latest News
Brewing for Christmas!!🍻
So as you may have seen, there are now 3 beers in the range, available from The Vineyard…
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New Release: Garden Grove West Coast IPA
Garden Grove West Coast IPA will be launched at Northern lights this weekend.…
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New Upcoming Releases and Oktoberfest Festbier
Coming up we have a Collaboration brew day with Northern Lights to celebrate their 5th…
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