November 28, 2022
Brewing for Christmas!!🍻

We have been brewing like crazy so there is plenty of local craft beer for the holidays.

So as you may have seen, there are now 3 beers in the range, available from The Vineyard on the Ormeau Road and DC Wines on Boucher road. Up until now it has been hard to get any stock behind us but with the holiday season coming up we have been brewing like crazy and in a couple of weeks, Raven, our stout will also be available. We have had great support from Northern Lights and The Woodworkers (next to Lavery’s) where kegs of Monk’s Beer, Garden Grove and Homesick have all been selling well. We were lucky enough to have Homesick featured as the Woodworkers Friday Beer of the week! More people however have been asking for cans, and so there have been many long days canning. Long days but satisfying days.

Also, like most, we are concerned about our energy consumption and the associated costs. Brewing is an energy hungry process. There have been some easy winners such as heat recovery from cooling but we knew we could do better. We have invested in a rewiring of the brewery resulting in pumps running only when absolutely required. We put a quick post on social media about this (mainly aimed at the brewery nerds) and we were contacted by a couple of other small breweries and we shared the details to assist them.

We are planning a few events in the New Year including a Cheese and Beer tasting evening with Indie Fude and Bullhouse East which will give us a chance to get out the brewery and meet some off you all.  We’ll keep you posted.

Thanks again for the support and remember to support your local businesses.


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