September 23, 2022
We Are Brewing!

We are pleased to announce that we are now finally brewing on a meaningful scale and beer should be available in August. It’s been a long road with ups and downs but the 3 fermenters have arrived and are full of fermenting beer.

Also, the website has now gone live.

Of the thousands of websites I’ve perused over many years I had no appreciation of the work that goes into them. It was a chance meeting with Craig Kearney that has lead to the creation of a website that I think couldn’t represent the brewery better. Craig’s technical knowledge, legal awareness and attention to detail have been great. If you need a website you can get Craig at

We are launching with ‘Symphony’ Vienna Lager, ‘Homesick’ Tropical Pale, and ‘Monk’s Beer’ a light Belgian Ale……as newsletter subscribers requested in a previous survey.

Thanks again for all your support and hopefully catch up over a beer.


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